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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Two jaw surgery, improving the functionality is the key.

Public’s interest on two jaw surgery has risen immensely due to the exposure of surgery information, now you can easily find and see the dramatic changes of before and after. Also, many celebrities proudly confess their success with two jaw surgery.

However, two jaw surgery should not be seen as simply improving aesthetic point of view. In fact, it should be approached as the functionality of jaw joint and this must be given more awareness to the public, since the focus is mostly on the dramatic changes in appearance of celebrities.

Two jaw surgery changes the overall profile and improves facial appearance to be aesthetically more beautiful, however, the actual purpose of the surgery is to correct both upper and lower jaws, and resolve malocclusion. Thus, to improve overall functionality for individuals that has complications with using their jaw.

Asymmetry of the face, protruded mouth and depressed or sunken jaw can be improved by finding the balance between the left and the right. This surgery also helps individuals with such conditions to get over their complex and the pain they possess both physically and mentally.

Two jaw surgery provides both dramatic change of appearance visually and resolves functional aspects of malocclusion and jaw joint by pinning the upper and lower jaw in balance. Also, it is important to consider that the focus should be on the overall functionality of the jaw, not only on the aesthetic point of view.

Two jaw surgery involves fracturing and pinning of the facial bone. Therefore, it is crucial to consult a hospital where there are both plastic surgery department and orthodontic department with a full understanding of overall face structure, bone structure and soft tissues.
To conclude, in order to achieve successful results in both aesthetic and functional aspects from two jaw surgery, it is important to find the right hospital with both plastic surgery and orthodontic departments. Also, two jaw surgery often requires orthodontic correction as pre and post-surgery process, so it will be convenient to go to a hospital with two different departments under one hospital.

Monday, February 12, 2018

Wonjin Plastic Surguery, Under eye love band, Youthful and Cute

“Aegyosal” is a under eye love band which is plump areas under the eyes. It helps to brighten the under eye and look youthful and cute. The one who has under eyes love band looks younger than their age, so there are lots of people who keen to have this.

Procedure for under eyes love band is making volume under the eyes through filler or fat. It is good for someone who has dull eyes, looks old because of sunken area and darkness on under eye, and wants to improve with fine wrinkle. It can be done with filler or fat injection.

Procedure for under eyes love band with filler is performed with syringe so it has minor swelling and scar. Also you can go back to daily activities right after the procedure. If you don’t like the result of filler, you can go back to your previous eye shape by dissolving filler with antidote. The duration for filler is a year and you can keep the under eyes love band through re-touching.

Procedure for under eyes love band with fat injection is performed with syringe as well. The fat is extracted then pulls out pure fat through centrifuge. After that the pure fat will be injected into under eyes. The pure fat is fine than regular fat so the procedure can be performed with syringe. Also fat injection can be dissolved if you don’t like the shape or the result of it.
The duration is about a year also. Eventhough the area for under eyes love band is tiny, it can change overall facial impression depends on the volume and the height. So it is important to put right amount in right position. If the amount is too much, it doesn’t make balance on face and if the amount is too less, it seems like nothing hasn’t been done.

Also it is important to decide volume and height of under eyes love band after considering shape of eye, height of nose and overall facial line and images. Because of this it is recommended to get surgery safely from expert surgeons with lots of experiences.

Friday, February 9, 2018

Useful tips for managing your skin in winter

We need to fight through winter before warm spring comes.
It has been exceptionally cold and dry this winter. Keeping up with good self-care at home is very important for relieving skin irritations due to dryness. All it takes is a little change in your habit to improve irritating skin, and today, we will be discussing on useful self-care tips you can do at home!

Moisturizer should be applied in large amounts during winter, especially for your hands, since they get washed more frequently during the day compared to other parts of the body. You can layer moisturizing cream on top of your daily facial cream and it needs to be well absorbed into the skin.

We all know hot showers and hot baths are relaxing and nice, especially in cold winter days. However, hot temperature water can take away our natural oil causing over dryness and more irritation.

Dead skin cells should be exfoliated with scrubs. For areas like, elbows, knees and feet, where there are no sebaceous glands build up much thinker dry patches. So, it is important to thoroughly remove dead skin cells, then apply sufficient amount of moisturizer.

The more frequent exposure to cold air, your skin becomes much drier. Thus, during outdoor activities, it is recommended to wear gloves. Also, when you are indoors you can apply plenty of moisturizer on your feet, and then cover them with socks for better moisture absorption.

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Made safer and safer by new technologies- 10 year filler ‘Artecoll’

People may think most dermal fillers are last for a year, but do you know there are many different kinds of fillers that last for 1 year, 3 years, and even 10 years? Today, we are going to introduce semi-permanent filler-‘Artecoll’ which last for 10 years.

Artecoll filler is a safe semi-permanent filler that has been used by more than one million cases for 20 years under US FDA approval. Filler, Botox is a simple procedure, but it is necessary to know whether it is official medical institution, genuine quantitative use, and experiences. Wonjin Beauty Medical Group is artecoll formal medical institution. Our hospital has already been proven with artecoll Filler Company.

10 year duration filler sounds unsafe, but artecoll filler is safe! 75% of the artecoll component is a collagen protein component, and 25% is a pure, biocompatible fourth generation PMMA component. The artecoll filler is injected directly into the subcutaneous tissue.

Artecoll is also popular as a petit wrinkle, smile line, and marionette line molding for middle-aged people who are particularly afraid of plastic surgeries. In addition, it also recommended for who has flat forehead, nose, nose tip, cheek, chin .. and so on.

Wonjin Beauty Medical Group-We have a wide variety of experiences and well known in all plastic surgery. Aging cannot be prevented, but can slow it down. For more than 20 years of experiences filed experiences. Please contact us now for any inquiries. If you invest for 30 minutes, you can have much more three-dimensional younger and fresh look without surgeries. WONJIN BEAUTY MEDICAL GROUP.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Emergency alert on respiratory health during dry winter

The temperature difference between the inside and the outside during winter weakens our resistance ability, putting a red light on our respiratory health. Foods like balloon flower, pear, red ginseng are very well-known for respiratory health. And today, we’ll find out what other foods help in keeping our respiratory system healthy.

1. Omega-3 fatty acid
Omega-3 fatty acids are usually well-known for blood vessels, but it is also beneficial for our respiratory system. According to the Ministry of Health and Welfare in the United States, fish like salmon and herring contain abundant amount of omega-2 fatty acids, which reduce the incidence and danger rate of asthma.

2. Olive oil
Olive oil, often used in various foods including salads, help in strengthening the lungs. Unsaturated fatty acids contained in olive oil do not only build up the lungs, but also heart, scalp and skin. Furthermore, a study from the United States has proved that oleic acid contained in the olive oil decreases the health risk due to air pollution.

3. Apple
It may not be as famous as pear, but apples are also a beneficial factor in keeping our respiratory health. The reason why is because apple is abundant in flavonoid and phenolic acid, which mitigate the respiratory tract inflammations.

4. Sweet potato
Sweet potato has ingredients which protects the asthmatics from oxidation stress and inflammations. The beta-carotene is transformed into vitamin A when it is consumed into our body, and a study proved that the more beta-carotene is concentrated in blood, the less you are exposed to lung cancer risks. Also, it means that a lot of beta-carotenes are contained as the food gets more yellow, and thus being effective on preventing oral cancer, esophagus cancer, laryngeal cancer and lung cancer.

There are lots of foods for respiratory health that we can encounter easily in our daily lives. Aside from paying attention to the foods, we can also manage to keep our respiratory organs healthy by routinely exercises, humidity maintenance, etc.