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A quick fix for thin and sad lips

Nowadays, lip surgery is most common and popular surgery in Korea. Today, let’s see what is different between lip lift procedure and surgery. Lip lift procedure is simple way to make a smile lip line with botox and filler. Lip surgery is a way to change the angle and direction surgically.

After lip lift botox and filler, you have to retouch within 6 months to 1 year, and as you know, you cannot change the shape as much as surgery. However, if lip lift surgery is scary and you would prefer fast recovery, it is better to try the lip lift procedure first. It only takes about 10 minutes, and swelling and bruising will goes down within 1-2 days.

You should be very careful when you decide to have lip lift surgery. Wonjin’s experience surgeon will design your lips based on your face proportion and angle and shape of your lip. After lip lift surgery, it is still natural look even when you speak or smile. The surgery will be under local anesthesia and operation takes about 30 minutes. Sti…
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Sleep anesthesia VS General anesthesia

Anesthesia is vital when it comes to plastic surgery. It can be divided into large categories, which are Local anesthesia, Sleep anesthesia, and General anesthesia. But, people often get confused between sleep and general. So, today, we will briefly look at the two types of anesthesia.

//Sleep anesthesia?//
Sleep anesthesia has the effect of hypnosis and calming effect, and it is also widely known as intravenous injection. When under sleep anesthesia it becomes the same as falling asleep, you will still be breathing on your own, but the senses will become dull. Thus, you won’t feel any pain.

// General anesthesia? //
General anesthesia simply means the whole body going under anesthesia, which means there will be no basic consciousness, senses, and reflex. Thus, won’t be feeling ant pain at all. This type of anesthesia also relaxes the muscle, so it is carried out for breast surgery, face contouring, two jaw surgery and liposuction.

The major difference in sleep and general anesth…

Deviated nose plastic surgery improves nose function and aesthetic appearance together

Now a days, the function of nose is easily getting weak because the temperature from outside and inside is different due to cold weather. So lots of people are suffering with the block nose which is one of the symptoms of the cold. Block nose and deviated nasal septum has similar symptoms so people usually neglect it as they think that it is just the cold.

Block nose can be also happened when the septum of nose is banded or not straight. When the septum of nose is not straight, it can be cause of deviated nasal septum with headache, block nose, nose bleeding, rhinitis, sinus infection, and snoring or sleep disorder. These can be improved through resection of nose septum cartilage, or partially resection of inferior nasal concha or reduced through high frequency treatment.

Block nose can be the reason of rhinitis or the cold so people usually misunderstand that they have rhinitis or the cold and have treatment for it. However it also can be the reason of deviated nasal septum, so …

Benefits and diet of Avocado Oil

Avocados are known to be the most nutritious fruit on the planet. Even if you eat raw as a fruit, because the texture is so soft, you can consume the nourishment just by eating rather than cooking. The ingredients of avocado include fat, potassium, vitamin B2, vitamin C, vitamin B6, vitamin E, dietary fiber and many other ingredients. Especially the fat content is the highest.

It has been a long time since we cultivated avocados, but it has not been so long since we actually produced avocado oil. Avocado oil contains high levels of unsaturated fatty acids and is known to be beneficial to health. Let’s look at the efficacy of avocado oil.

[Three great advantages of Avocado]

1. Vascular Health- Avocado oil is rich in oleic acid which is a monounsaturated fatty acid. Oleic acid is one of the essential components of our body. It helps to increase the good cholesterol level in the body and prevents the accumulation of bad cholesterol and to control the blood cholesterol concentration. …

Signals sent by our body as a sign of nutrition deficiencies

A new year has begun. Have you set this year’s goals and resolutions? My goal this year is to keep myself healthy so I’ve brought some health information as the topic for today’s post.
Don’t you think your life pattern was too irregular during the end of the year due to frequent drinking occasions and gatherings? Let’s look back on ourselves and self-reflect to protect our health. First step to protect our health is to understand the help-signals sent by our body. Let’s find out how our body reacts in case of insufficient nutrition.

[Chapped lips]
Lips being chapped like drought soil may be a sign of liver problem. It may also be a symptom of vitamin B deficiency, and eating a lot of fish will help.

[Broken nails]
Broken, cracked nails are signs of insufficient zinc. This could be improved through a sufficient intake of red meat, seafood and beans.

[Ringing in the ears'
‘Tinnitus’ is referred to as a symptom of continuous beeping or ringing sounds in the ears. It usually …

5 Foods which is good for women!

If female hormone is too much or too less, women will be exposed to lots of diseases which are osteoporosis, heart disease, myoma uteri, headache and etc.; and the level of immunity can be easily weakened. Also they can be mentally sensitive or depressed. Especially from 30’s, the female hormone is getting reduced, it is important to keep it through good foods. We will introduce 5 good foods which contain natural female hormone 

Lentil bean
During the time when female hormone reduces, it is helpful to eat lots of lentil beans, soybean, and pea which contain a lot of vegetable estrogen.

After the menopause, a lot of women are having heart disease; this is because the estrogen which can resent bad cholesterol is reduced. It is good to protect heart disease if you eat some nuts like almonds or peanuts.

Salmon is good to women because it has lots of proteins and Omega-3 fatty acid. From one of the research, Omega-3 fatty acid increases the possibility of pregnancy. Also…