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Monday, December 4, 2017

Hair line contouring or Hair line corrections surgery? Have more three-dimensional, balanced and smaller face.

Forehead is almost a third of the face and people give their first impression of you. Impressions can change depending on the broadness and narrowness of the forehead. People with overly side or irregular forehead hairlines can leave a bad impression.

In addition, a face with strong feature was the standard of beauty in the past, smaller and slimmer round face type is becoming a new standard of beauty in recent years. If you have ‘M-shaped’ forehead or angled forehead will look bigger than the actual face due to those reasons, many people are increasingly interested in hairline correction surgery.

Hairline contouring surgery is an upgraded version of hair transplant surgery. It is not only improve the shape of hair line by filling the empty part, but also design aims for harmony such as between the center of forehead, temple, whiskers, chin.. and so on. When the hair line is well-organized, your face looks smaller and slimmer without face contouring surgery to cutting the bones.

Hairline contouring surgery should fill in the missing areas and reflect the characteristics of the exciting hairline hair that the individual has. WONJIN Plastic Surgery said, “Hairline contouring surgery is important to find the correct method as everyone has different scalps characteristics and forehead shape.”, and “We should consider several factors such as the thickness of the hair and the direction of hair growth, and face proportion… etc”.

Additionally, WONJIN Plastic Surgery said, “Hairline contouring surgery is a simple and quick surgery to improve overall face impression, but if you designed incompatibly, it can give you an awkward impression. Therefore, it is very important to choose good and experienced doctor and big hospital with well post-surgery care system.”

Friday, December 1, 2017

Polyphenol, Queen of Antioxidant, helps to reduce inflammation, is good food for anti-aging.

Polyphenol, Queen of Antioxidant, helps to reduce inflammation, is good food for anti-aging. 

The Benefits and Effects of Polyphenol

Polyphenol is one of defensive substance that plants produce it to protect themselves from ultraviolet rays. The effectiveness of the polyphenol was appeared on the TV program which is studied French’s eating habits in 1990s. And it has been public.
Despite French people eat more meat; the percentage of cardiovascular disease is one third of Americans. According to TV program, the reason is that French people enjoy drinking wine and polyphenols in red wine protect cells in the body.

There are five thousands of different kinds of Polyphenols. The benefits and the effects of polyphenols depend on the type of Polyphenols. Today, let’s learn about the types of polyphenols.


The active ingredients in green tea and black tea are the polyphenols called catechins which help to eliminate waste matter from the body, increase the focus, and improve brain activity. Antioxidant activity of catechins is that 100 times that of Vitamin C and 200 times Vitamin E. According to the Dr. Naomi Fisher’s study, Harvard Medical School; Brigham and Women’s Hospital, they asked 76 old man to take cacao which is high in Catechins for a week and then take brain tomography. As a result, some parts of the brain that control memory and concentration have been activated by about 9% after taking cacao.

Anthocyanins in grapes, blueberries, and purple sweet potatoes help to prevent damage to cells caused by active oxygen in the body. Also, it prevents to form blood clot to improve the circulation and prevents heart disease as well. There is also study that helps prevent vascular dementia because of improved blood flow.


Red foods such as grapes, Rasberry, plum, and mulberry are rich in resveratrol. Resveratrol has an excellent antioxidant effects to delay the aging process and improve inflammation in body and scalp. Also, it helps to increase the catalase’s activity which controls stress and protects cardiovascular.


Quercetin in onions and apple helps to delay the aging process and is good for vascular heath as well. Quercetin also prevents to have chronic inflammation caused the hardening of the arteries and strengthens capillary vessels. It also prevents fats and cholesterol build up inside the vessels. Also, it is effective in encouraging eliminating body fats from the body so, it also helps to lose weight.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Wonjin Beauty Medical Group Upper Blepharoplasty to retain elasticity for middle-aged eye rim.

To obtain youthful appearance has always been a popular topic, but it has became more so over the past few years. Face wrinkles on areas such as, eyes, forehead, and smile lines make it difficult to maintain a youthful appearance. Skin around the eye rim especially, begins to lose elasticity from midlife where the layer becomes thinner and age faster due to constant movement.

When upper eyelids start to sag with aging, it can either cover your vision range or create dark circles giving you a depressed look and it makes you look older than your actual age. Using cosmetics with multiple benefits of anti-aging or receiving beauty treatments can only deliver short term or temporary results. It does not improve the actual underlying issues. That is why; there has been a massive increase of inquiries from middle-aged people regarding eye surgery.

Once the upper eyelids become droopy due to ageing, your vision range is covered and you are made to use your forehead in order to open your eyes wider and bigger. This adds force on your forehead, promoting wrinkles.

Furthermore, if the upper eyelid and lower eyelid are engaged too close together, the skin becomes soft, causing inflammation and discharges

Upper Blepharoplasty is performed by making an incision on the upper section of the upper eyelid, then remove parts of the loose skin and tighten the forehead, eyebrows, and eyelids; creating a more defined eyes. You can also decide to make a double eyelid within the process.

If you have severe wrinkles around the eyes, it can portray an aggressive and negative appearance. Upper Blepharoplasty can also prevent facial folds, and give you more gentle and calm impression.

If the upper eyelids become droopy, not only it makes you look older, but it also has functional issues such as, eye lashes pricking your eyes or covering your vision range. Such cases are required to improve both esthetic and functional aspects, not just the outside appearance. Also, it is important to neatly trim the uneven eyelid line to achieve a youthful appearance with beautiful eye shape.

Moreover, Upper Blepharoplasty also resolves the underlying condition of droopy eyelid by strengthening the tension of levator palpebrae superioris, therefore, minimizing the possibility of recurrence.

On the other hand, it is important to note that middle-aged people depending on individual’s aging process lack in natural resilience compared to younger generation. Therefore, you need to be extra cautious before making the decision to undergo surgery. Make sure the operating surgeon is a skilled professional with multiple experiences in the field. Also, check if the hospital has well equipped safety facilities.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Top 3 local arboretums!

What about an arboretum date with your family or lovers?
I wish busy modern people could at least spare their time on weekends to enjoy themselves. I will recommend some arboretums to visit before the weather gets colder!

1. Chungsan Arboretum
Chungsan Arboretum, located in Tae-an, Chungcheongnam-do is very well-known for lotus-flower festivals, Pampas festivals etc. The area isn’t that large, but various plants grow including lotus-flower, pink flame grass and tall pampas etc. During autumn (from September~November), water lily and pampas festivals are held. You can also find a theme garden where you can encounter the backgrounds and the characters from the artworks of Millet, Van Gogh, Monet etc. Also, the arboretum is consisted of 600 different kinds of trees including Golden Meta Sequoia and walking trails which provides various spectacles that change over the season.
Address: 70, Yeonkkot-gil, Nam-myeon, Taean-gun, Chungcheongnam-do
Entrance fee: Adult (7,000 KRW) / Teen: grade, middle, high school (5,000 KRW)

2. Pureun Arboretum
It’s difficult to find forests in the center of a city like Seoul. Pureun Arboretum located in Seould is the very first urban arboretum. An unused railroad has been remodeled into a walking trail and walking along the trail will get you to the arboretum. It’s a perfect place to have a light stroll with your lovers or families. Its biggest advantage especially is that it has great accessibility by transportations like bus or subway.
Address: 240, Yeondong-ro, Guro-gu, Seoul
Entrance fee: Free

3. Achim Goyo Arboretum
Achim Goyo Arboretum is the first thing that comes into my mind among other arboretum. With an area of 331,000 square meter, it is composed of large and various theme gardens. I recommend you to visit with plenty of time since the area is too gigantic to look around. During the peak of maple season, you can gaze upon the painting-like view of Mount Chukryeong which enraptures you.
Address: 432, Sumokwon-ro, Sang-myun, Gapyung-gun, Gyeonggi-do
Entrance fee: Adult (9,000 KRW), Teen(6,500 KRW), Child(5,500 KRW)

Friday, November 24, 2017

Making a Good Impression with Mouth Corner Lifting

There was a research stated that people only need 3 seconds to form a first impression once they meet the others. So many factors that could effect the first impression, which are appearance, body figure, fashion, etc. However, the most important thing out of all is a bright and soft smile on your face.

A person with a dropped mouth corner gives a weak and unsatisfied impression while a person with a smile mouth corner gives a happy and positive impression. That is why recently many people were attracted to do a mouth corner lifting surgery to improve their mouth corner shape and to make themselves look younger.

A mouth corner lifting surgery removes a part of muscle that causing a dropped mouth corner and relocates it to lift the mouth corner. This surgery could even improve a person with a non-expression impression to a person with a bright and cute image. It does not only give a positive image but also gives an anti-aging effect.

Recently people are looking for a mouth corner lifting surgery to create a brighter image that could even lead to a better result during a job interview. A bright smile is the most important thing especially for a person who wants to work at a service industry.

In the past, a mouth corner lifting was known to be done before a job interview but recently it gained much more popularity by improving someone’s image to a better one.

A mouth corner lifting surgery is considerably a simple surgery yet it is important to be performed by a professional and experienced surgeon because it is greatly depending on the direction of angle and the degree of incision.

This surgery is not just lifting the corner of the mouth but it also need a sophisticated techniques to achieve the most natural and beautiful proportion of your lips and overall’s face.

A detail analysis should be performed before the surgery and through this analysis whether the mouth corner was short, asymmetry, or droop, etc, every characteristic must be analyzed to decide the most suitable procedure for each individuals. To achieve a good semi-permanent effect, choose the right hospital with experienced surgeons.

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Difference between Skin and Toners

What is the difference between Skin and Toners? This is something I’ve always thought about, and today, I will be answering this question in detail!
So, what is the difference between Skin and Toners? I wonder whether I should use both or just the one. Well, there is a clear difference between the two!!

To simply things, Toners should be understood as a step that follows right after cleansing and Skin falls under the prep step of the main treatment or skincare.
Double or multiple cleansing using a form cleanser not only irritates the skin causing dryness, but it also has limitations to fully remove dead skin cells and make-up residues.
This is where Toner comes in play, and wipes away the remaining residue and clarifies the skin after cleansing.
This is where the term, wet a cotton pad with the toner and wipe away derives from.

Skin should be considered as a type of lotion. It helps calm irritated skin after cleansing, and prepares skin’s condition for better absorption for the following steps of skincare, such as essence or serum.
So then, how do we choose which Skin and Toners?

Skin and Toners can both be used if their ingredients are non-irritating; however, it can be costly and very time consuming.
Therefore, it is good to know that these pre-makeup skincare products are simply used to prepare the skin, and its’ main focus isn’t greatly on supplying nourishment.

If you have dry or sensitive skin, it is best to avoid using Toners. But, if you have combination skin type, it is recommended to use Toners to balance oily areas, such as T-zone.
Now you can differentiate between Skin and Toners!!! Best of luck for good skincare~!