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Monday, October 24, 2016

Consult at WONJIN for accurate surgical method if you want natural double eyelid

People desire for beautiful eyes as the eyes are the first part to be recognized when we look at someone as well as taking a key role of one’s first impression.
Thus there are many patients who visit WONJIN for their eye surgery and most of Korean patients desire natural double eyelid line.

I will introduce non-incisional double eyelid surgery that has been popular between WONJIN’s patients from long time ago.

Non-incisional double eyelid surgery is also popular between Korean celebrities as well.
The advantage of non-incisional double eyelid surgery is that there is less bleed and scar as it is done without incision. Also it is done under local anesthesia and allows a patient to go back to his/her daily routine without pain.

However, at WONJIN, we don’t always recommend non-incisional double eyelid surgery for all patients. We actively recommend non-incisional method for patients who possess thin upper eyelid skin as they get the most out of non-incisional method. Besides this, we would recommend incisional double eyelid surgery for patients who have thicker upper eyelid skin as the result of non-incisional method can be even more unnatural. Non-incisional method and incisional method both create double eyelids, and the incisional method allows the removal of saggy skin and excessive fat on the upper eye lid while forming double eyelid line through incision site and there is higher chance of scarring than non-incisional method.

The most concerning part of non-incisional double eyelid surgery is that the double eyelid lines could be undone as time goes by, however people with thin skin with strong elevating muscle can be relaxed as there is less chance of the double eyelid lines
Especially at WONJIN, there is even less chance of double eyelids becoming undone as WONJIN’s experienced eye surgery specialized surgeons creates firm double eyelid lines through partial incision according to customized design according to individual’s face.

Surgery duration is about 20~30 minutes and the improvement becomes visible after about 2 weeks when the major swelling and bruising subsides. Non-incisional method has less concern on swelling and bruising as they are less than incisional method.
It is recommendable for people who are busy as it is possible for the patients to wash their face as well as putting makeup on after 3 days in addition to its fast recovery. There are other procedures like non-incisional ptosis correction, epicanthoplasty, lateralcanthoplasty and love band fillers that could be done with non-incisional double eyelid surgery.

It is ideal to avoid alcohol, cigarettes, sauna, coffee, and spicy or oily foods at least for a month after surgery. It is usually recommended for the foreign patients to stay in Korea for about 4~5 days including consultation and surgery at least as they cannot stay in Korea for a long time.
If you have any further question on natural looking double eyelids, please consult at WONJIN!

Thursday, October 20, 2016

How to treat your skin during fall

It’s finally getting into fall as cool wind is blowing after the long lasting summer.
Last summer was just too long and hot, and it is time for us to calm our skin down from the UV ray, heat and sweat.

You may find that there are freckles and other pigmentation appearing or getting more significant after summer’s strong sun light. Your skin would more likely lose its elasticity due to sudden aging. It is easy to get wrinkles and rough skin as your skin has been suffering through hot and humid summer.

There are cosmetic products prescribed from dermatologists that is effective on whitening such as hydroquinone and retinoid that destroys excessive melanin pigmentation. The effect of vitamin C on skin anti-aging is already well-known.

Applying essence or cream that contains vitamin C can be helpful. Peeling is effective as it helps the elimination of dead skin cells and the excretion of melanin pigmentation, and laser toning is also popular recently which encourages collagen generation as well as destroying melanin pigmentation. We tend to become loose on applying sun blocks during fall even we have been applying it well enough during summer, but it is ideal to apply sun block throughout all seasons.

We have to provide enough water in order to vitalize our skin. Drinking at least 8 cups of water per day and using moisturizer that is balanced on both oil level and water level according to your skin type is helpful on increasing the skin elasticity. You should never peel your flakes off by rubbing even when the flakes bother you. It is ideal to stay away from sauna or hot bath for a while as they can evaporate the moisture that your skin already had. You can increase the absorbability of moisturizer if you apply adequate amount of moisturizer on your face followed by moisturizing mask sheets at night.

There is variety of information on the internet about natural moisturizer or natural mask pack due to the increase in the interest on skin care. However trusting natural ingredients too much can be very dangerous as natural components that haven’t been proved to be safe can bring allergic reaction easily.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Dietary management! Diet tip

Many people are on diet to have good body shape or for their health, and this doesn’t only apply on women, but also men. Obesity isn’t something that meets our standard of beauty and it is also not good for our health. Thus it is good to have dietary management as a habit during daily life as well. Sometimes people overeat due to the stress coming from eating less for a long time, harsh dietary management or wrong one-food consuming diet.

I will introduce the way to maintain dietary management continuously while preventing overeating.

Dietary management tip 1 – Avoid spicy and salty food!

There’s high chance of obesity when the sodium intake amount is higher. It’s ideal to avoid spicy and salty food as they make you look for sweets as it stimulates palate which leads to overeating. It is also good to excrete sodium from our body quickly by consuming plain milk or banana after eating salty foods.

Dietary management tip 2 – Eat slowly!

You will eat more if you eat faster. It is possible to prevent obesity if you eat slower as our brain starts to feel full after 15 minutes of eating. It is also great on our health as it is helpful on digestion.

Dietary management tip 3 – Drink heaps of water!

Hunger gets worse when you are thirsty and there is a research proving that our body gets the lack of water as hunger as well. Thus we may have snacks often because we sometimes get confused ‘thirst’ with hunger. Drinking heaps of water also takes a key role because it helps on the excretion of the wastes in our body.

Dietary management tip 4 – Never eat after 7PM!

It is ideal to abstain from eating late at night, and sleep at least 3 hours after food consuming even if you ate something. Most of people think that eating late at night puts on weight, however not all kinds of food put on weight. It is even better for your health if you choose food that is well digested and avoid carbohydrate.

Dietary management tip 5 – Eat breakfast!

There’s research proving that people who have breakfast have less obesity rate compare to people who don’t have breakfast. Having breakfast makes our day active and our brain healthy. From 6 to 9 in the morning is the time where that day’s basal metabolic rate is decided. Thus our body refuses to excrete all day long if there is no food intake during this time. Thus there will be less chance of overeating if you have breakfast in the morning.

What is good about getting liposuction in fall?

The fall has already come after the endless summer has gone. It’s good season to restart exercise that we have been refusing due to hot weather.

Thus it is good to manage your body line during fall and people especially say that it is good to get liposuction during fall. So today, we will find the reason why the liposuction is good to be done during fall and the effect of it!

Reason to get liposuction during fall 01
-There is less stress about compress garment

Patients who had liposuction are required to wear compress garment. Compress garment is an essential part of post-surgery care which allows the remaining skin and muscle after liposuction to be settled in pretty line without droopiness.

Compress garment is worn right after the surgery and there are many people who feel uncomfortable about this. Especially for the patients who have to wear compress garment during summer feel worse due to hot and humid weather as it is hard to take shower or wear extra clothes on top of compress garment. Thus there is less stress as the patients can wear normal clothes on top of compress garment because the weather is way cooler than summer. The wearing period of compress garment is varied between individuals according to the patient’s recovery period or the amount of fat extracted. Thus it is good to prepare liposuction during fall or winter than summer as you will require to wear compress garment for about 1~3 months continuously.

Reason to get liposuction during fall 02
-It is possible to maximize the effect of liposuction.

Liposuction is a surgery that the result appears as time passes unlike surgeries with instant result which requires time to spare. Recovery period is different on every individual, thus it is possible to have less stress when the patient has consideration on the time takes for the tissue to settle down on a space where the fat has been disappeared and the skin to attach onto the tissue. It is possible to obtain even more beautiful body line when regular exercise and care take place after surgery. Thus it is possible to maximize the effect of liposuction as the weather in fall allows regular exercise to take place during recovery period.

The greatest advantage of liposuction is that you could extract fat on your desired area.
There’s always some part of our body that takes longer time to become slimmer no matter how hard you do exercise. This is the case when you were born with body shape that has more fat on specific area and many people are looking for liposuction as liposuction can solve these concerns easily.

Also there is less chance of getting fat again on the surgical area unless the patient put on weight on purpose as it removes the fat cell directly.
Were you concerned on specific area of your body that never becomes slim? How about getting consultation at WONJIN that is expert on liposuction?

Monday, October 17, 2016

How to become baby-faced, Let’s have a look at the most popular anti-aging surgeries

V-line shaped face with smooth and elastic skin has been considered as a standard of beauty due to the baby face fever that is not going away even after number of years. Because of this, there are many people who are worried about their face as the wrinkle and saggy skin changed their face shape as well.

It is completely normal for the wrinkles to form due to the loss in skin elasticity as you get aged. However, wrinkle considered to be a serious concern not only between middle aged people, but also younger aged people as wrinkle is the cause of old looking face.
Thus wrinkle can be considered as the main factor of old looking face. There are various methods including cosmetic products, massage, diet, and so on to improve on wrinkles, but this could lead to even more stress as these methods only have temporary effect without solving the essential reason.

WONJIN plastic surgery clinic, with rich experience at varieties of anti-aging surgeries including threads lifting using newly developed material, has conveyed that “Many people are concerned about their old and fierce impression due to wrinkles around their eyes and their smile lines” and “If you want to improve on this from its base, we would recommend ‘face lift’ which improves on facial wrinkles and saggy skin by tightening skin including its SMAS layer, and this surgery is really popular as anti-aging procedure these days”.

They have also added that “However it would only be possible to obtain satisfying result when you plan on surgeries after detailed and accurate consultation with medical team which have rich surgical experience and good understanding on following area as individual’s skin thickness and form is all different”.

Since anti-aging surgeries are various apart from face lift and lifting to petite surgeries, it is important to find the exact reason for looking older and improve on that because anti-aging procedures are varied according to the method and the surgical area.

First Anti-aging procedure,
Upper blepharoplasty & Lower blepharoplasty

(Images above were provided by WONJIN beauty medical group)

Upper blepharoplasty allows improvement on the aging of forehead, eyebrows and eyelids at once by incising excessive saggy skin on upper eyelid and tightening it. You may have fierce impression because you put more strength on your forehead to open your eyes up as saggy skin on upper eyelids cover your sight. Thus upper blepharoplasty could improve on this to make more defined, younger looking and well-functioning eyes.

(Images above were provided by WONJIN beauty medical group)

There’s something that bothers you as much as the saggy skin on your upper eyelids. It is eye bag under your eyes which make you look tired and older, and this could be improved by lower blepharoplasty which could extract excessive skin while incising saggy skin under eye to make smoother and younger looking eye.

Second Anti-aging procedure, 
Fat grafting (Fat injection) on the sunken areas

Have you experienced the loss of volume on your forehead or cheek as you are getting older, or do you think you look older because of less volume on your face?
Maybe the bulging fat under your eyes (eye bags) make your face look more sunken, however in most of cases, there are many people who have sunken area between their cheek and under eyes apart from their eye bags.

In this case, instead of performing lower blepharoplasty itself, it is possible to obtain younger looking result by smoothing under eye with lower blepharoplasty while filling up the sunken area by fat grafting.

This is very effective anti-aging procedure as this is not only effective on filling up sunken area, but also can increase the volume on your smile line and wrinkle forehead to create younger looking face.

It is ideal to get surgeries after accurate diagnose from experienced surgeons before surgeries as you could also get filler injected instead of fat graft if you don’t have adequate amount of fat to be injected.

Third Anti-aging procedure,
thread lifting that lifts up saggy skin

If you are interested in anti-aging procedures, I am pretty sure that you have heard about thread lifting at least once. Thread lifting is a procedure which lifts up your inner skin layer by inserting harmless medical threads, and there are varieties of threads such as threads with hooks and tornado shaped threads.

However it is important to use authentic threads that still have adequate use by date as it gets inserted in the skin. Thus it is important to choose good clinic when the thread lifting looks easy.

At WONJIN, we perform thread lifting with materials that has been around for a while and also newly developed threads that have been approved. Well experienced surgeons who performed surgeries on various cases diagnose suitable methods and materials for surgery on every individual which allows high satisfying lifting surgery.

Apart from these, there are more anti-aging procedures such as botox which is very simple. However the way to obtain satisfying result is to get surgery based on accurate diagnosis and thorough consultation by experienced and skilled specialists.

Let’s become baby faced before we get more aged!

Friday, October 14, 2016

5 healthy habits to get away from cold during change of seasons!

It is easier to catch cold during the change of seasons due to the large daily temperature range. Cold is an annoying visitor. We cannot just ignore cold even though it isn’t something that is too serious. We have to pay extra care on cold as it bothers our daily routine.

Actually, cold is really easy to prevent if we pay a little more attention.
Thus I will introduce 6 healthy daily habits below that could prevent cold during the change of seasons

1.     Drink hot tea

Ginger tea, black tea or quince tea would be good. Ginger can warm our body up and reduces in phlegm and coughing. Quince tea is especially good for coughing and black tea helps to warm our body up as well.

2.     Consume lots of seasonal fruits and vegetables

It is helpful to prevent cold if you consume seasonal fruits that come out during fall such as pear or persimmon.

Try to eat less summer fruits as it can bring your immune system down because they make our body cold. It is good to consume radish and balloon flower is good for people who catch cold on their throat often due to their week respiratory system.

3.     Bring thin outer with you all the time

Daily temperature range becomes larger at the start of fall and the temperature difference between morning/evening and afternoon becomes more than 10 often. There are buildings that even turn on the air conditioner as well. It’s good to take your outer out and wear it when you feel little cold as temperature range is not good for our body.

4.      Take care of your bedroom

It still feels like we are in the summer and we tend to open our windows when we are sleeping just like we did in summer without noticing summer had gone already.
There is high chance of catching cold if you are exposed to cold atmosphere while you are sleeping. Make sure your windows are not opened too much before you go to sleep and put blanket on while you are sleeping!

5.      Try to have moderated life style

Overwork or overdrinking deteriorates our immunity. The chance of catching cold increases even more if your immunity level falls when it’s already perfect condition to catch cold due to large daily temperature range. Thus it is ideal for you to go home early and read some books as fall is a season of reading.

6.      Strengthen your immune system by consuming vitamin

Foods that are rich in vitamin can prevent cold as it is helpful on our immunity.

Vitamin C is one of microelements to maintain health and our body function which is also called as Ascorbic Acid. It helps to maintain healthy body tissue while healing wounds and fighting from infection.