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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Tips on home remedies of stretch marks

Today! I brought the tips on home remedies to solve the stretch marks problem

1. Aloe Vera gel

Aloe Vera is well known for scar treatment. Therefore, it is the most natural method to relief from the stretch marks. And also, it has an effect of moisturizes and soothes the sunburn during summer season so you can get various effects like killing two birds with one stone.

1. Cut the stems of the Aloe vera into small pieces.
2. Put in the container and place in refrigerator.
3. Use one small piece of Aloe vera with the circular movement to the stretch mark area. You can also leave aloe vera about an hour before taking a shower. You will see the visible improvements if you do it every day.
You need to use refrigerated aloe within a week. However, if it is hard to use the fresh aloe, you can also use aloe gel product on the market.

2. Lemon juce

Lemon which has high vitamin C content can be also used as bleaching. If you put the lemon on the body,

Method: Prepare half a lemon.
Gently draws a circle on the stretchy part.
Gently squeeze and rub the lemon juice into the skin.
Leave it for 45 minutes, then wipe it off with a wet towel or take a shower.
At first, lemon juice can cause itching or irritation. This is an effective response, but stops as soon as it gets worse. Do not use on dry or chapped skin

3. Egg White

Egg white is rich in amino acids and proteins so it helps skin whitening. It is effective to lighten any scar of the skin if you use regularly.

Method: Take off egg-white and mix well.
Wipe the stretch mark area with water.
Use thick part of egg-white to apply on the area.
Wash with the clean and cold water and apply any moisture cream.
It is effective if you do every day for one month.

You should only use egg-whites. It is not necessary to wait until you feel tight when you apply on the area.

Friday, August 18, 2017

Be healthy with 5 colors of foods.

We meet various colors of food in dining table, and call the lovely natural color food as ‘Color Food’.
The color of color foods such as red, yellow, green, purple, black and white is based on phytochemical ingredient of food.
Phytochemicals assigns not only the color of foods but also unique flavor and scent. Also, it plays a beneficial role in health through functions such as antioxidant activity and immune function increase.
Now, we are going to check the color of foods and main functions.

Blood Vessel Supporters, Red Food

Do you know that what is the common thing between apple, tomato, pomegranate, strawberry, watermelon, capsicum, chilli, beetroots, guava, cranberry, raspberry and cherry? The answer is red color.
The red fruits and vegetables contain phytochemical called lycopene and anthocyanin.
Lycopene makes strong blood vessel and effects of anticancer and increase immune system, and anthocyanin works as antioxidant to remove free radical.
Moreover, the red fruits and vegetables contain flavonoids that inhibit inflammation and have antioxidant. Vitamin C and folic acid are also abundant.
It is known that Ellagic acid contained in pomegranate and strawberry decreases DNA damage and is effective for prevention of colorectal cancer and prostate cancer.

Golden investment for health, Yellow foods

Golden foods include pumpkin, sweet potato, apricot, chestnut, orange, tangerine, pineapple, carrot, persimmon and corn.
These yellow fruits and vegetables have phytochemical called carotenoid.
Carotenoid is effective on anticancer, antioxidant and anti-aging, especially reduces the danger of heart disease and cancer, and improvement of immune system.
Carotenoids are converted into Vitamin A in the body, and the vitamin A is important not only for vision and immune system function, but also for skin and bone health.
Apart from carotenoid ingredients, there also have Vitamin C, omega3, fatty acid and folic acid in yellow fruits and vegetables.

Make my body greener, ‘Green food’.

The green color is the most easy to find in our dining table.
These green vegetables help to regenerate of hepatocyte and contain phytochemical called chlorophyll which helps healthy liver.
Among the green vegetables, foods such as dark green leaf vegetables, pistachio, beans, cucumber and celery are rich in lutein which important for eye health.
There is indole component in Cruciferae such as broccolis, kale and cabbages to suppress DNA damage and prevent cancer.
Spinach, the food of Popeye, is rich in Vitamin K, folic acid, potassium and carotenoid.

Shield for cell damage, Purple & Black Foods.

Purple the color of Eggplant, red cabbage, grape, blueberry and purple sweet potato. Black color is according to phytochemicals called anthocyanin
Anthocyanin is a powerful antioxidant that obstructs cell damage caused by free radicals and is effective in anti-aging and increasing immune system.
In addition, anthocyanin helps maintaining the normal blood pressure, and prevents abnormal thrombus formation, reduce the risk of heart diseases, improve memory, and reduce the risk of cancer.

Control cholesterol and blood pressure – White Foods

Garlic, onions, radish, pear, deodeck, balloon flower root are white color which includes a number of root foods.
In white vegetables and fruits contains phytochemicals called anthoxanthin.
The main function of anthoxanthin that lowering cholesterol and blood pressure, prevention of heart disease and cancer and build up resistance to virus infections and germs. allicin
Garlic has a great number of allicin, and it is known as lowering cholesterol and helping the heart health.
Also, quercetin in onions has effects of antioxidation and antimutagenic.

Be healthy with 5 colors of foods. Color Foods, Diet, health, Health Care, Be healthy with 5 colors of foods. Be healthy with 5 colors of foods. Be healthy with 5 colors of foods. Be healthy with 5 colors of foods. Be healthy with 5 colors of foods. Color Foods, Diet, health, Health Care, Color Foods, Diet, health, Health Care, Color Foods, Diet, health, Health Care, Color Foods, Diet, health, Health Care,

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Plastic Surgery Review "The best plastic surgery place for Men is Wonjin!"

  • Area of surgery : Facial Contour, Eye (ptosis correction), #HumpedNose

  • men plastic surgery

    I feel terrible with my mannish appearance.

  • Before surgery

    It is a day+3 diary hahaha
    After rhinoplasty, I was groggy and uncomfy because I could only breathe through my mouth. It was just so uncomfortable than not much else. When I look in the mirror, it just being funny of my swollen face. My swelling goes down slower than I thought. I hope I will get better soon. That’s all folks!

    men plastic surgery

  • After 3 days

    It is a day+3 diary hahaha

    men plastic surgery

    After rhinoplasty, I was groggy and uncomfy because I could only breathe through my mouth.
    It was just so uncomfortable than not much else. When I look in the mirror, it just being funny of my swollen face. My swelling goes down slower than I thought. I hope I will get better soon. That’s all folks!

  • After 7 days

    A week later ..

    men plastic surgery

    I thought cosmetic surgery was not a big deal since everyone have been doing it so easily. The first thing I thought right after the surgery was I should not be doing this !!!! 

    I don’t feel much pain, but I have difficulty in breathing and sleeping. I think my swelling reduced a lot better than the first day. I still have majority of the swelling. I really want to have an anti-swelling care at Wonjin as soon as I can. When will I able to see my sharp chin line and natural nose? It seems like I live with those expectations.

  • After 14 days

    There was nothing more inconvenient than I thought.

    men plastic surgery
    Hello. It’s me again. I am late.
    There was nothing more inconvenient than I thought.
    I could eat a bite, but able to eat all of it. I usually get bruises easily and take longer to heal. There still remain bruises on the face. I still have bruised around my cheek, but I am sure I will get better soon! Hahahaha I have no problems with performing my usual activities. I think I can go back to work soon.

  • After 30 days

    My face is getting a lot natural (better) haha
    One month after surgery

    men plastic surgery

    \It has been a month since I became a plastic surgery model.

    My face is getting a lot natural (better) haha. I hope I lose a little more of my fat cheeks. It is nice to hear people told me I am a plump and cute little guy… lol… Now I can open my mouth wider and able to eat every food. I still have difficulties in smiling. However, It is getting better as I practice hard.

  • After 2 months

    Hello~ It’s been already two months!
    Now, I don’t have much swelling than before.

    men plastic surgery

    It is good because people who I met for the first time, they don’t recognized that I had plastic surgery done. I have been doing pretty well without any inconveniences. I am trying to lose weight and if I do, I would look better. Right?

  • After 6 months

    It seems like my swelling is almost gone. I am not sure whether
    Hello~ Time went fast since I got cosmetic surgery.
    It seems like my swelling is almost gone. I am not sure whether I have minor swellingnot.

    men plastic surgery

    I wish I still had swelling. If so, my face becoming more smaller hahahaha When I meet my friendspeople, everyone says that I have smoother and slimmer face line. My nose looks natural and good too! Face contouring surgery and rhinoplasty provides me a nice enhancement to the facial features by restoring facial balance! I would like to have a little more sharply face line. If I keep on a diet, I am sure I will lose not only my body but also my cheek fats. Bye-bye~

  • men plastic surgery

  • After 7 months

    I am very content with my surgery and I am doing good.
    Hello! This is Choi Young-doo.
    It’s been a while since I had cosmetic surgery at Wonjin. 

    men plastic surgery

  • I think now the swelling is almost subsided. Also, I have no problems doing my usual activities. For my nose, I tend to touch it habitually, but it does not have any painno dangerous pain.
    Things are not much different than before the surgery. My middle of chin area was numb for a few months, but now all the senses are back to normal.

    There is no more scarringany visible scars on my inside of mouth. When I had a cheekbone reduction surgery, there were fixed screws near by my ear. Now I am feeling much better on this. I am very content with my surgery and I am doing good. Well, see you later good bye~

  • After 8 months

    I’ve been in the WONJIN’s cover model for eight months.
    Now, if you see my nose, it is getting more natural  I don’t have any problems even when I blowingtouching my nose.

    men plastic surgery

  • After 9 months

    Hello! This is Choi Young-doo, a promotional model of Wonjin Beauty Medical Group.

    men plastic surgery

    However, I can’t open my mouth as big as before. I could fit my hand inside my mouth before. But the doctor said that it’s actually not good to open your mouth that big. Well, I don’t really need to open my mouth that big though.

    People said that I looked older than my age when I was in junior high school. It must be because of my jaw. Because these days people even told me that I looked like a high school student.
    It’s really surprising to see how different you look by only doing jaw surgery.
    It’s really nice to hear people telling me that I look way younger than my age.
    Oh! Also, I don’t need to edit my photos anymore before uploading it.

  • After 12 months

    It’s the last diary of 12 months already.

    men plastic surgery

    My senses are still the same like last month, haven’t gain it back fully. To be honest, there wasn’t any drastic change starting from the 9th month after the surgery. The biggest difference is my weight loss.
    Right after the surgery, I was worried about one thing. Will nothing change even though I did the surgery? I thought because I was born like that, even surgery can’t change me. Also, the check ups were not done every month so I couldn’t know.

    Thankfully, I don’t have to use braces after the surgery.
    Anyway, I still can’t believe that a year has passed.
    In the past, I hated having my pictures taken because I have an asymmetric face. When I had photo-shoots, I frowned a lot to hide my facial asymmetry. However, after face contouring surgery, I look more symmetrical and attractive face. This makes me to take a lot more selfies than before.

    One year later, overall I am very satisfied with surgery results and there is nothing uncomfortable.

    This is all for today. – Bye.

  • Plastic Surgery Review  men plastic surgerymen plastic surgery
    men plastic surgery Plastic Surgery Review 

    Friday, August 11, 2017

    Wonjin Beauty Medical Group. Asymmetrical eyes should be corrected to get proportioned face.

    Everyone’s eyes are slightly different but if the difference of both eyes is noticeable then it is called asymmetrical eyes. Eyes are an important factor in determining the one’s first impression as it is the first visible part. Symmetrical face gives a good impression. On the other hand, asymmetrical eyes will make your face looks not proportional and seems stuffy. That is why we recommend those with this problem to get their eyes corrected.

    eyelid surgery before and after

    Asymmetrical eyes can be caused by various reasons and in Wonjin Beauty Medical Group; we have to identify the cause first before deciding on the procedure. If it is a simple case like only one side has double eyelids, then this can be corrected by simply doing a double eyelid surgery. However, if the muscles’ strength in the left and right eyes is different, then we need to do ptosis correction to strengthen the muscle again.

    eyelid surgery before and after

    Ptosis correction could be done with or without incision.

    Incisional ptosis correction will be done by making an incision on the eyelids and this procedure is suitable for those who have thick skin and lots of fat on the eyelids. On the other hand, non-incisional ptosis correction is done by making small openings on the eyelids which will be used to adjust and fix both the eyelids and muscles. People who have thin skin and fair amount of fats on the eyelids are suitable for non-incisional ptosis correction. Ptosis correction without incision also has advantages like less scars and swellings. If the inner and outer corner of the eyes is the caused for your asymmetrical eyes, then it could be fixed by doing Epicanthoplasty and Lateral Canthoplasty. \

    eyelid surgery before and after

    If the width of eyes is asymmetrical and covered by Mongolian wrinkles which can give you stuffy impressions, it can be corrected by having Epicanthoplasty and Lateral Canthoplasty, and can get wider and longer eyes. On the other hand, the height of eyes are asymmetric can be corrected by ptosis correction and fixed asymmetric the corner of eyes via Lateral Canthoplasty .

    In conclusion, there are several different reasons for the asymmetrical eyes, so it is desirable to check the eye condition of individual after consulting with the surgeon who has a lot of experience in eyes and process the operation with correct method.

    eyelid surgery before and after

    Monday, August 7, 2017

    Making grain face pack! Home skincare recipes!

    I’m going to let you know grain face mask recipe and 9 main ingredients.
    Ingredients: mung beans, brown rice, barley, black sesame, wheat, perilla seed, white bean, peeled buckwheat, ginkgo nuts

    mung beans 10, brown rice 5, barley 5, black sesame 3, wheat 2, perilla seed 2, soybean 2, peeled buckwheat 1, dried ginkgo nuts 0.5
    Mix all ingredients (with proper mix ratio) then put it in the blender and blend it until the mixture is powdered.
    Grain powder made from these 9 seeds is the basic natural ingredient used to nourish the skin. It is recommended to use chemical-free grains.

    Grain face pack, the effect of grains>
    Mung beans, which have been used as skin care materials for long time and it relieves itchy skin rashes due to cosmetic products and brings the effect of skin brightening and smoothing.
    When the unnecessary fat of skin is removed, it helps the recovery of dead skin cells,
    which leads to reveal smooth skin. It also brings skin whitening effect and can get rid of skin blemishes, acne, freckles and other skin problems.

    Brown rice>
    As the saying goes “Washing your face with rice water and rice bran soup, it brings healthy skin”, rice contains a large amount of substances that our body needs.
    It has the effect of soothing inflamed and itchy skin caused by cosmetic products and acne.
    Brown rice has more nutrients than normal white rice, which is better for skin care.

    Barley is a beauty treatment ingredient that has been used for a long time as a folk remedy that decocted fried barley and liquorice for child’s boils.
    Barley is effective in relieving poor blood circulation by treating the skin redness caused by cosmetic products or allergy.
    In addition to this, it suppresses the sebum production by having a well-balanced metabolism, and when it is mixed with brown rice and mung beans, it works as a detoxification for irritated skin.

    Black sesame>
    Black sesame is an indispensable natural beauty ingredient to treat nutritional deficiency skin.
    It has more fiber and calcium components, which is more than twice as effective as white sesame.
    Black sesame also contains a variety of Vitamin E, which is good for anti-aging.

    Korean wheat
    The reason why I referred “Korean wheat” is because most of wheat is imported.
    The role of wheat with mung bean is great in removing skin darkening.
    Wheat contains calcium, phosphorus, iron, and vitamin B, and all of these components are effective in anti-aging and skin whitening.
    Especially, there are plenty of tocopherols in wheat germ, which also works on fine wrinkles.