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Monday, September 26, 2016

Facial asymmetry-Is your face asymmetric? WONJIN will help you.

Sometimes, there are people who have insecurities on their asymmetric face due to the significant difference in the length of their left and right side of face. That is right and left asymmetry symptoms.

All human beings and animal’s right and left symmetry cannot be exactly the same like it’s adjusted by computer. However there is a case which has extreme asymmetry.

For example, it could be called facial asymmetry when the lip is crooked, center of front teeth is not aligned, chin is tilted to one side, size of mouth is different or when your nose and eyes are tilted to one side.

You could check yourself out in the mirror by yourself if you want.

However, why there’s a facial asymmetry symptom?

The cause of asymmetric face is known to be various, including genetically asymmetric face or facial bone damage on jowl area due to ineluctable accident.

Also if you have a habit of chewing foods too much for a long period of time or the imbalanced growth of lower jaw could lead to facial asymmetry.

Asymmetry on lower jaw could be corrected by procedures such as square jaw surgery or genio osteotomy when there is asymmetry according to the center line of the face.

Two jaw surgery and orthodontic treatments could improve on symptoms like mouth protrusion or teeth that are not aligned.

WONJIN plastic surgery clinic has been the biggest plastic surgery clinic in Asia for more than 20 years and performs 1 to 1 professional consultation by more than 60 surgeons according to their specialty area. It is important to get surgeries to correct asymmetric face at clinic that has been around for long period of time and safe.

If you get facial bone surgery at clinics that are not skilled in facial asymmetry correction, the result might look unnatural or appear to be sick as they would reduce the facial bone without detailed analysis and designing. At WONJIN, we provide simulation photo to achieve the best result that is satisfying for the patients.

Have you ever thought that your face is asymmetric?

WONJIN can help you with that!

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Friday, September 23, 2016

Jeju island, Korea – Lotus flower festival from July 1st to September 30th

Have you ever heard about ‘Jeju Island?
It is a volcanic island that is eligible to be one of the purest locations on earth.

Jeju Island has several jaw-dropping natural wonders which should rank it higher in UNESCO world heritage listing. Also the freshly made delicious local foods make the place stand out even more. You can taste Jeju Island’s traditional dishes here too. There are varieties of traditional dishes in Jeju Island. ‘Hal-la-bong’ which is Jeju Island’s special kind of tangerine, can only grow in the very south of country. They are extremely sweet and delicious.

Jeju Island’s abalone, found feeding on seaweed in only the cleanest waters of the ocean, forms a vital part of Jeju cuisine and holds an elevated position as the ‘Emperor of Shellfish’ not only in Korea, but the world over. The calorie in Abalone per 1 item peeled is 100 calories. Abalone is calculated to be 100 Cal of mostly protein, 8g of carbohydrates, 0.4g of fat in 100g while being rich in vitamins and minerals. In addition, the shell of the abalone has been a source for decoration as well as food for centuries.

Many aspects of Jeju Island attracts the travelers. A lot of visitors come to Jeju Island during the summer through the beginning of Fall season. You can be sightseeing the clean sky of its nature the fullest during those seasons.

Today, we are going to introduce ‘Han lim parkLotus flower festival
Hal lim park is one of the representative attractions of Jeju Island where you can encounter tropical setting. Visitors can enjoy checking out Palm Tree Road, Jeju Stone and Bonsai Garden, Water Garden, Subtropical Botanic Garden and much more. During summer, Hal lim park held annual lotus flower festival starting July 1st to end of September. (Hurry there's not much time left!!!)

You can experience and encounter cool waterfall with dragon files viewing lotus flowers in beautiful setting. The most famous tourist sites in Ha lim Park are Heeopjaegul and Ssangyounggul cavers, known to be the only two dimensional caves in the world. Ssangyounggul Cave is kept at a constant 17-20 throughout the year, it is a welcome escape from the heat in the summer and a great place to warm up in the winter. For more information, please check this page out! >>

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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Are Korean face masks really good? Korean make it the best!

Have you ever used this particular Korean cosmetic product? You can counter Korean cosmetic product very easily through SNS or Instagram. Out of all this is face mask pack which have gone viral. Are you familiar with 1 mask pack per day? Currently Korea has fad named 1 mask pack per day which is being loved by many.

If you ever watched Korean drama you can easily to see lots of celebrities using face mask packs. Maybe this was the starting of this particular fads and trends. Korean cosmetic and beauty was very big part of Korean culture including boys and girls. These packs are becoming such a huge fad and culture that there are multi face mask packs being open around Korea. These mask packs are very inconveniencing price of 3,000 KRW (about 2-3 dollars) and effect on your skin just by using once. You do not need to go to aesthetic shop and use these mask packs at home in your own time.

In the beginning of Korean mask pack market was very limited for this two kinds: General felt sheet mask pack or peel off mask?? As the industry grown, variety types and upgrade version of packs started to appear in the market. Hot weather affects your skins being tired. In order to take care of other problem, we are going to introduce worth variety of face mask pack. 

1. Cellcera Mask Pack
This was product that was gifted from Korean friend. In famous Korea TV home shopping, this cream has been very popular. They have actually sold out of this cream. Korean cosmetic creams that are found to be effective contain an ingredient known as ample which is also used by companies that deal with cosmetic surgeries as well as pharmacy companies.

2. Sleeping pack – Laneige water-sleeping mask.
It is brand new item for woman who works really hard and busy. You just applied this product before sleeping and letting it stay on your face overnight. You do not need to take off the mask or washing them out. It works really fast compare to your efforts. While you are sleeping, this product restores your skins. But we have to scoop them to use.... I would prefer to use sheet mask pack for sanitary reasons.

3. Lightening Tone up mask pack
I bought this product after getting skin treatment when I went to Korea with my friend who got plastic surgery. I can get a result right after use this lightening tone up mask pack. It makes your skin moisturizing too! Next time when I visit to Korea again, I am sure I will buy a bulk of this pack. It makes me sad that they do not sell in Myeong-dong T.T!

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

DIET should go on even after summer! WONJIN's liposuction promotion


Finally, summer is almost over!
 Have you had success with your diet during summer?
Losing weight is not only for the aesthetic purpose but the real diet begins when we really start considering our body and health status. 
Body fat doesn't only makes our body look fat but also very harmful to our health status.
In fact, even when you reduce the fat with special diet and exercise, the fat cells will still remain. Literally, this sort of diet only decreases the size of fat cells, without reducing number of them.
Then, let’s try to get rid of the fat cells and slim down our body by liposuction.
Let’s get started!



3. Will I have yo-yo effect after LIPOSUCTION?

Liposuction removes fat cells out of your body so it is very rare to re-gain fats on the operation area soon after liposuction.
However, gaining fats on the other parts of the body is still possible, so we suggest you to practice a good eating and exercising habit even after liposuction.

4. Is LIPOSUCTION safe? Is there any REAL REVIEW?
WONJIN is equipped with recent liposuction facilities and expert surgeons.
For people who were after real review of liposuction, here's what you've been looking for!

5. What's the price for liposuction? Is there any discount?

We are currently offering autumn promotion for liposuction.
So make sure you don't miss out on this opportunity!

Click on the pictures below for more information! 

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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Type of breast implants, what’s the best breast implant?

How well do you know about breast implants?

There are various breast implants introduced due to the breast surgery technology development.

Also the consumers who are considering breast augmentation became smarter due to the over flooding information of plastic surgery.

Few well informed consumers even choose the type of implant that they want to use for their surgery before visiting plastic surgery clinic.

What’s the most concerning parts when you are choosing breast implants?
Size? Shape? Tactility?

Here’s new breast implant which can solve these concerns.
I will introduce a breast implant that is safe, and has superior shape and tactility, which is produced with the newest technology out of all those breast implants.

1.     Motiva Premium Breast augmentation-Motiva Ergonomix

This implant is made with cutting edge silicone gel produced with the newest ergonomic method.

It has great elasticity to reduce the size of incision slit significantly.
Also, this implant is a premium breast augmentation implant which has soft tactility with naturally balanced shape which changes by gravity just like real breast tissue.

Motiva Ergonomix breast implant’s tactility can be considered as the best out of all type of existing breast implants. It feels soft just like real breasts when it’s touched, and the shape changes naturally; it spreads out when you are laying down, and becomes like tear drop shape when you are standing up.

2.     Microthane breast implants

Microthane breast implant (micropolyurethane-foam implant cover=MPS) is type of breast implant that was developed to resolve capsular contracture caused by breast augmentation in safer and certain way. It is structured for the human tissue to go inside the fine holes on the outer layer of breast made with polyurethane.

This allows superior movement and tactility with less pain and fast recovery due to its great and fast cohesion ability to the human tissue that prevents most of side effects that can occur after surgery such as the re-location, rotation or rupture of the implants.
The image above shows the difference between usual breast implant(left) and Microthane breast implant. The implant doesn’t get pressed as the tissue cell grows inside the fine holes of the surface. Thus there is no risk of side effects such as capsular contracture, and the relocation, or the shape change of the implants.

Especially, Microthane breast implant’s great part is that it allows fast recovery which allows the patient to return to her daily routine in short period of time.

Microthane breast implant which has great ability of new blood vessel production, allows quick return to daily routine even with short period of break after surgery.

3.     Dual Chamber Breast augmentation implant

Dual Chamber breast implant is an implant that you could only meet at WONJIN, Korea.
Dual Chamber breast augmentation is a breast augmentation that uses advance concept and technology tear drop implants, which has combined the advantage of soft gel’s great grip and safe gel’s shape maintaining ability.

Dual Chamber breast augmentation allows natural results even inside our body while maintaining beautifully tear drop shaped breasts for long period of time.

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