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Friday, March 24, 2017

Do you look older than your actual age? You can have younger looking face with face lifting~

The sign of aging starts to appear from the face such as saggy skin, smile line (nasolabial fold), pores and so on.

However these symptoms can be improved by skin treatments or plastic surgery due to the development of medical science and plastic surgery skills.

Have you heard of face lifting before? This procedure is commonly called full face lifting, and this surgery can make your face look 10 year younger.

Face lift is a surgery that lifts up the SMAS (Superficial Musculo-Aponeurotic System) layer inside your saggy skin which can lead to significant anti-aging result that is permanent.

Then what is SMAS layer?

SMAS (Superficial Musculo-Aponeurotic System) layer is located between panniculus and panniculus carnosus and this layer is not resistant to gravity which makes it become saggy and wrinkled as time goes by.

Thus the improvement on SMAS layer can obtain stronger lifting effect as this layer is the fundamental factor that causes skin aging.

Plastic surgery became very popular in Korea recently, and some people even refer plastic ‘surgery’ as getting a treatment.

Face lift is also not a major surgery and is defined as a lifting procedure which can lift up SMAS layer of saggy skin on face and neck through small incision made in front of ear or behind the ear.

Also WONJIN’s face lift is performed with third generation of full 3D HD endoscope to conduct safe and accurate surgery which leads to very rare chance of getting nerve damaged or bleeding.

Don’t worry about this procedure too much.

The time is still running away with us and your time can become even more special according to your decision.

Would you like to have consultation first?

We always support your beauty!

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Great places to go shopping in Korea

Great places to go shopping in Korea

We are getting into spring in Korea, thus it is great for tourists to visit here.
I am pretty sure that shopping will be on your ‘To do’ list while you are in Korea, and you would be able to get good products with cheaper price if you research some great places to go shopping before you get here.

Incheon International Airport in Korea is one of the most famous airports across the globe.
Incheon airport is famous for its great size and brilliant interior, and it is well-known as the airport with the biggest duty free shop.
So you don’t have to buy products that are sold in the airport until your departure if you research on the products that are sold in the Incheon airport.

There is a place called ‘Bukchon Hanok Village’ in Seoul.
You can wear Hanbok (Korean traditional clothes) and sleep in Hanok (Korean-style house) in here. There are various foods that you can try and they are selling various souvenirs as well. There are many Korean visitors as well, however apparently there are few international tourists who make too much noises after drinking alcohol and leave trashes behind. We shouldn’t act like them, should we?

There are many outlets in Seoul and most of them provide TAX FREE. It is possible to buy products even cheaper if you research on the internet before your visit as there are various discount promotions for each shop. Don’t forget that there are various discount promotions~ You can also visit Gimpo Outlet, Yeoju outlet and Icheon outlet around Seoul where you can meet various Korean and International brands.

You may pick one place to go shopping after researching, but why don’t you just visit
these places for window shopping as you came to Korea for travel? Oh, make sure that you are not overspending though!

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Food that is good to have after overeating

Many women try to have dietary management to lose weight, but it is not easy to control ourselves.

Women especially experience great change on appetite before and after menstruation due to hormone. Thus we sometimes overeat even when we were maintaining our diet before then. Or we eat excessively sweet or salty food when we are sensitive.  

But don’t blame on yourself as this is natural to happen, and let’s find something good to have after over eating!

If we cannot stop us from overeating, we will have to find another ways to maintain our health.

< Food that is good to have after overeating >

Food that is good to have after overeating 01 –Plain yogurt
Consumption of plain yogurt increases the number of helpful bacteria, lactobacillus which can prevent stomachache from overeating by reducing the chance of having gas in the bowels.

Food that is good to have after overeating 02 –Banana
Excessive sodium intake increases our blood pressure and potassium component in banana leads to the excretion of sodium. Decrease of sodium level can maintain stable blood pressure as well.  

Food that is good to have after overeating 03 –Vinegar
Vinegar helps to remain stable blood sugar level. Vinegar can also reduce on GI (Glycemic Index) after having high carbonate diet.

Food that is good to have after overeating 04 –Beans
Since beans are enriched with fiber and takes longer time to be digested, it can lessen the chance of overeating as beans help us to fell full for a long time.

Food that is good to have after overeating 04 –Egg

Egg is a full package of helpful nutrients. Egg can reduce the chance of getting heart diseases caused by overeating. 

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

How to get rid of Acnes

Most of people think acne as the symbol of puberty.

However there are many adults who are concerned about acnes.

It is great to consult to a dermatologist as there could be scar formed if you leave adult acnes for a long time.

Thus today, I will introduce some ways to treat acnes at home!

Acne treatments! 01

"Wash your face every day~”

We have to make sure that the wastes on our face are not blocking our pores by washing our face cleanly. However we have to be careful of washing our face excessively as this can make our skin dry.

It is ideal to wash our face mildly in the morning and thoroughly in the evening. It is ideal to wash your hairs often while try not to get them on your face as the oil on your hair can cause acnes. Thus people with fringes get acnes on their forehead more often.

Acne treatments! 02

"Don’t touch your face with your hands!"

There are so many invisible bacteria on our hands. Thus touching your face with your hands may have caused acne formation.

Also popping your acnes with your hands can lead to second bacterial infection which can make the infection worse.

Acne treatments! 03

"Try to avoid oily foods or instant foods!"

Consuming lots of snacks, chocolate, soft drinks or instant foods can create more acne.
Thus it is ideal to consume seasonal fruits or vegetables instead that is enriched with vitamins.

Acne treatments! 04

“Drink enough amount of water!”

It is ideal to drink more than 6 cups of water a day. This is also good for our health as drinking lots of water can help to excrete wastes stored inside our body. 

Monday, March 20, 2017

Let’s have beautiful forehead with forehead silicone implant insertion

There is a quote saying that forehead completes our face when the center of our face is nose.

Your overall face may look flat if you have less volume on your forehead.
Thus I will introduce silicone forehead implant to improve on this.

Smooth and voluminous forehead can emphasize on your facial features while creating younger looking impression.

A patient has to meet the surgeon first to design the forehead silicone that is suitable to the patient’s face shape.

Thus it is possible to adjust on the thickness of the implant like rhinoplasty.
About 5~7 days of implant preparation period is required as each individual patient’s forehead shape and size is different.

The surgery is performed under deep sleep anesthesia and it takes about an hour.
Stitches are removed after about 2 weeks of the surgery, thus it requires about 3 weeks from the implant designing to the stitch removal.

The incision is made above the forehead where the hair is and the size of incision scar is approximately about 3CM. You don’t really have to worry about visible scar as the scar is formed between hairs.

You may have to keep that in mind that there could be a foreign body reaction to the silicone implant inserted as this is not your own tissue.

However you don’t have to worry about this too much as the chance of having foreign body reaction is very rare like rhinoplasty and breast implant insertion.

If you think implant insertion is too much for you when you would like to have beautiful forehead, you can have another options such as fat injection or filler injection which you can decide after consulting to your surgeon.