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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

7 Healthy Habits for Hot Summer Days!

Healthy Summer Habits …?

Summer, we easily get tired and tend to eat cold food like iced beverages or cold noodles.
Also, it is hard to sleep tight because of high temperature and humidity. 이미지 It leads to lack of vitamin or mineral or proteins. In addition, people are struggle with cold by excessive use of AC.
These body conditions can disturb autonomic nervous system and bring tiredness and fatigue.
So today, I bring 7 tips to keep your body healthy during the summer days.

[4 Summer Healthy Diet Tips]

1. Eat Warm Food

In summer, your body temperature is quiet low because of AC and fan, try to eat warm food like stew or grilled veggies or meat.

2. Eat Well Balanced Food; Meat, Vegetables, Fruits

3. Don’t Drink Too Much Cold Juice, Soda, Beer

4. Be Hydrated

[Keep Fresh and Clean]

1. Moderate Use of AC

Many of you will spend most amount of time at the office with full of AC. For your body, set temperature a little higher.
If it is impossible, bring blankets or extra jacket or cardigan to the office. And don’t forget to turn off AC or set a timer when you sleep at night. 2. Regular Exercise

If you do not sweat regularly by exercising, you can suffer from hyperthermia when your body cannot sweat well because of high humidity. Do regular exercise or sauna or bath to sweat. Walking 20-30 minute after sunset is also helpful. 3. Take a Bath

Warm up your body after getting too much cold wind/air from AC. It is important to take a bath in warm water sometimes for around 20 minutes. Also, do not forget to hydrate your body after bath! If you take a little more effort on your daily life, you can keep your body healthy even in hot summer season!

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