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Monday, August 7, 2017

Making grain face pack! Home skincare recipes!

I’m going to let you know grain face mask recipe and 9 main ingredients.
Ingredients: mung beans, brown rice, barley, black sesame, wheat, perilla seed, white bean, peeled buckwheat, ginkgo nuts

mung beans 10, brown rice 5, barley 5, black sesame 3, wheat 2, perilla seed 2, soybean 2, peeled buckwheat 1, dried ginkgo nuts 0.5
Mix all ingredients (with proper mix ratio) then put it in the blender and blend it until the mixture is powdered.
Grain powder made from these 9 seeds is the basic natural ingredient used to nourish the skin. It is recommended to use chemical-free grains.

Grain face pack, the effect of grains>
Mung beans, which have been used as skin care materials for long time and it relieves itchy skin rashes due to cosmetic products and brings the effect of skin brightening and smoothing.
When the unnecessary fat of skin is removed, it helps the recovery of dead skin cells,
which leads to reveal smooth skin. It also brings skin whitening effect and can get rid of skin blemishes, acne, freckles and other skin problems.

Brown rice>
As the saying goes “Washing your face with rice water and rice bran soup, it brings healthy skin”, rice contains a large amount of substances that our body needs.
It has the effect of soothing inflamed and itchy skin caused by cosmetic products and acne.
Brown rice has more nutrients than normal white rice, which is better for skin care.

Barley is a beauty treatment ingredient that has been used for a long time as a folk remedy that decocted fried barley and liquorice for child’s boils.
Barley is effective in relieving poor blood circulation by treating the skin redness caused by cosmetic products or allergy.
In addition to this, it suppresses the sebum production by having a well-balanced metabolism, and when it is mixed with brown rice and mung beans, it works as a detoxification for irritated skin.

Black sesame>
Black sesame is an indispensable natural beauty ingredient to treat nutritional deficiency skin.
It has more fiber and calcium components, which is more than twice as effective as white sesame.
Black sesame also contains a variety of Vitamin E, which is good for anti-aging.

Korean wheat
The reason why I referred “Korean wheat” is because most of wheat is imported.
The role of wheat with mung bean is great in removing skin darkening.
Wheat contains calcium, phosphorus, iron, and vitamin B, and all of these components are effective in anti-aging and skin whitening.
Especially, there are plenty of tocopherols in wheat germ, which also works on fine wrinkles.

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