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Friday, August 11, 2017

Wonjin Beauty Medical Group. Asymmetrical eyes should be corrected to get proportioned face.

Everyone’s eyes are slightly different but if the difference of both eyes is noticeable then it is called asymmetrical eyes. Eyes are an important factor in determining the one’s first impression as it is the first visible part. Symmetrical face gives a good impression. On the other hand, asymmetrical eyes will make your face looks not proportional and seems stuffy. That is why we recommend those with this problem to get their eyes corrected.

eyelid surgery before and after

Asymmetrical eyes can be caused by various reasons and in Wonjin Beauty Medical Group; we have to identify the cause first before deciding on the procedure. If it is a simple case like only one side has double eyelids, then this can be corrected by simply doing a double eyelid surgery. However, if the muscles’ strength in the left and right eyes is different, then we need to do ptosis correction to strengthen the muscle again.

eyelid surgery before and after

Ptosis correction could be done with or without incision.

Incisional ptosis correction will be done by making an incision on the eyelids and this procedure is suitable for those who have thick skin and lots of fat on the eyelids. On the other hand, non-incisional ptosis correction is done by making small openings on the eyelids which will be used to adjust and fix both the eyelids and muscles. People who have thin skin and fair amount of fats on the eyelids are suitable for non-incisional ptosis correction. Ptosis correction without incision also has advantages like less scars and swellings. If the inner and outer corner of the eyes is the caused for your asymmetrical eyes, then it could be fixed by doing Epicanthoplasty and Lateral Canthoplasty. \

eyelid surgery before and after

If the width of eyes is asymmetrical and covered by Mongolian wrinkles which can give you stuffy impressions, it can be corrected by having Epicanthoplasty and Lateral Canthoplasty, and can get wider and longer eyes. On the other hand, the height of eyes are asymmetric can be corrected by ptosis correction and fixed asymmetric the corner of eyes via Lateral Canthoplasty .

In conclusion, there are several different reasons for the asymmetrical eyes, so it is desirable to check the eye condition of individual after consulting with the surgeon who has a lot of experience in eyes and process the operation with correct method.

eyelid surgery before and after

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