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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Wonjin's Breast Augmentation surgery.

Before the season of summer vacation and ocean trips …
Many ladies with flat breasts are having stressful days!

They are trying to overcome their body complex with push-up bras or massage or creams or supplements. But those methods have all their limits, and many of those ladies decide to get breast augmentation surgery in the end.

For women, breasts are the symbol of feminine. Small breasts will make your body not beautiful and lower your confidence.
 Have you ever noticed that there are people with small breasts, but also people with big breasts with chubby and not pretty shape. Bigger boobs do not mean beautiful and gorgeous shape or proportion.

Then what is the golden ratio of breast?
1:3:9 = the ideal ratio of lengths between nipple, areola, breast.

Breast Augmentation before and after
Breast Augmentation before and after

Like above photo, customers with flat or undesirable shape breasts, Wonjin provides all technologies of breast augmentation with different implants (teardrop, round, motiva) and fat injection.

“Breast Surgery Center” at Wonjin Medical Group, we have 20 years of knowhow, skills, and experience. With detailed and accurate test and diagnosis and operation, we give customers natural and pretty shaped breasts. We are well known with one to one customized systems considering individuals’ different body type, condition, implants shape, incisional area, and operation type.

Wonjin Breast Surgery System Process

STEP1. With over 50 overall tests, Wonjin analyzes customers’ body type and condition and builds a customized surgery plan. (We might add or change test process if we need to depends on customer’s medical state)

STEP2. With the latest machines and technologies, and with detailed and accurate operation process, we minimize incisional area. With this, it diminishes pain after surgery and makes fast recovery possible. Also, depend on customers’ body type, we stitch up incisional area with threads or attach dermabond which is free from scars.

STEP3. After surgery, we check implants with annual ultrasound test to increase safety.

A machine named Capsulitis, enhances micro blood flow, minimizes pain and possibility of inflammation, and prevents side effects.

No Pain Mesotherapy penetrates medicines into skins without injection and helps to reduce swelling.

Laser Toning helps to remove post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, and it has been using as the first step for scar care.

Wonjin is a trustworthy plastic surgery clinic. We are not bragging with sophisticated words.  We sincerely care customers’ worries and lack of confidence with breasts. We are helping them not only with beautiful shape but with beautiful mind and regained confidence.

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