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Monday, September 4, 2017

Good foods that reduce swelling, also effective after plastic surgery.

A great number of factors can cause swelling in your body such as kidney disease, insomnia, often late night snacks, and who stand long hours while they are working, and diet that having salty food.
In addition, there are a number of people who suffered from swelling after plastic surgery.
Today, we will introduce you that how to reduce swelling and consume good food.

- Daily habits that reduce swelling

1. Improvement of bad sleep habit: You need to be careful when using high profile pillows which could occur neck wrinkles or pain in temporomandibular joint.

2. Good posture and stretching: normally office workers are sitting down for all their working hours. So, there are many patients with scoliosis and forward head posture.
When the back is crooked or neck bone is straight, then they can feel a tingling in hands, feet, and face due to blood circulation disorders and have swollen lower body as well.
So, it is advised to stretch your body every 1 hour.

Improving that having late night snacks and salty food: It is recommended that do not consume foods after 6pm, and if you ate salty foods, then try to drink lots of water. It could prevent swelling of the next day.

- Good foods that reduce swelling

1. Sea Algae: There are a lot of fiber, mineral and iodine in sea algae.
When you eat the sea algae such as seaweed, saccharina japonica and Enteromorpha, then oxygen supply work smooth so blood circulation is good as well as purifying the blood too.

2. Milk: Drink milk after having salty foods, then it is effective in discharging salinity in the body.

Old Pumpkin and red beans: The old pumpkin and red beans make the five viscera to be relaxed and make the kidney function smooth. So it helps to reduce the swelling after giving a birth and frequent swelling due to weak kidney. In addition, it is well known that it prevents the swelling regarding diuretic action....

Steam out the old pumpkin and red bean in the pot, and extract the juice from them, and it is recommended to drink twice a day.

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