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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

If you want to slow your hair loss, Change your lifestyle!

If you want to slow your hair loss, Change your lifestyle!

[ Three principles of prevention of hair loss ]

Regular eating habits, proper nutrition to maintained
Good for the body is also good for the hair. You need to have three meals a day at the right timing.

Decide to eat healthy foods for your hair
Oily foods will make your blood in bad condition, and also it will affect to the scalp as well.

Smoking or excessive drinking will harmful for your hair.
Drinking alcohol itself has no effect on the head, but excessive drinking degrades the function of the body. It is also good to avoid cigarettes to have good blood circulations.

[Changes in your lifestyle]

Morning shampooing may flushes the hair to the natural hair oils.
If you wash your hair in the morning, and then go out without natural oils which protects your hair will susceptible to scalp damage by ultraviolet rays

Dyeing hurts your hair and scalp
Repeated dyeing will damage the hair and scalp, and it leads to hair loss. When you get hair dyed, make sure to use hair treatments.

Being stressed and anxious causes hair loss.
Too much stress means your immune system cannot work promptly and may cause the hair loss. Take your time and do not get stressed.

The hair grows while sleeping at night.
From 10pm to 2am, body repairs cell and the hair also grows. If possible, make sure to have a good night’s sleep during this time.

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