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Thursday, December 28, 2017

Cacao nibs, the healthy tea that you should be drinking!

“The reason why dark chocolates are selected as one of the health foods is because of cacao.”

It seems like there is not a single connection between chocolate and diet. However, dark chocolate that do not contain milk and sugar is highly effective on weight loss due to its high sensitivity against insulin.
Low sensitivity against insulin may be the cause of obesity and diabetes. Cacao, the most important component of dark chocolate, is abundant in a chemical called procyanidin, which prevents obesity and diabetes.

Cacao also contains high amounts of polyphenols which plays a critical role in preventing heart disease, stroke and cancer. Polyphenol is an antioxidant that cleanses bodily wastes and thus slowing down cellular aging. Milk contained in milk chocolates hinders the absorption of polyphenols, but dark chocolates carry them as it is. This is the grounds for the role of dark chocolate in preventing cardiovascular risks.

Our body maintains life and engages in activities by creating energy through oxygen and food intake. In this process, about 2% of active oxygen is created, eliminating harmful active oxygen.
However, you should note that excessive stress or exercises, overeating, obesity, heavy smoking and drinking rather over-generate active oxygen.
They attack the normal cells and thus triggering cell membrane oxidation, DNA deformation, inflammations, leading to various diseases. Like this, antioxidants are the key chemicals that fight the harmful active oxygen.

In order to slow down aging process, it is recommended to eat a lot of antioxidant foods. It is widely reported that polyphenols contained in cacao are natural antioxidants that help to relieve stress, prevent brain diseases such as dementia and cardiovascular diseases, and prevent skin aging etc.

After fermenting and drying process of cacao tree seeds, the seeds are shredded into crumbs and those crumbs become what we call cacao nibs.
They’re used as ingredients for chocolates or ingested as drinks. Cacao nibs were known as the “Food of god” in the past because only royal families or aristocrats could eat them. Green tea too, is abundant in antioxidants such as polyphenols and catechins, but 10 times more of them are contained in cacao nibs.

Our body is always exposed to various toxins due to fast foods and food additives. Obesity occurs due to the piling up of such toxic fats, active oxygen and chronic inflammations.
In order to minimize these reasons of obesity, it is necessary to eat foods that contain antioxidants and anti-inflammation ingredients. Catechin is well-known for removing the active oxygen that destroys our cells.
It helps in decreasing inflammations and cholesterol level, and also prevents cancer. “Nutrition Journal” from the Forensic Science International has been continuously publishing research papers stating that catechin has effects on fat reduction and metabolism.
This means that it greatly helps those who have concerns about metabolism due to irregular diet habits.

Cacao nips are a lot bitter than green teas since it contains higher amounts of catechin. Just like a proverb “Good medicine is bitter to the mouth”, it is recommended to drink the undiluted, pure extract so that the nutrition can be ingested as it is.
If it’s too bitter for you, try drinking it with fruits such as apple. Since apples contain procyanidin too, it can double up the effect.
Yogurts, especially greek yogurts, are also recommended to be eaten together since it has 2 times more of protein and thus maintains satiety.

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