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Friday, January 12, 2018

If you are scared with facial contouring surgery, wishing for smaller face with liposuction instead…

No matter they have good facial appearance, people look old if they have large face, lots of jowl and sagged skin. But it is hard to decide to have facial contouring surgery which is cutting facial bone because it is expensive, scared and takes lots of time to recover. Therefore if you feel too much pressure with facial contouring surgery, you can make smaller and younger face with liposuction or lifting.

Face liposuction is right for people who have a lot of fat or other tissue on cheek, double chin and jaw line rather than someone who has a big face bone. Face liposuction is a surgery which removes accumulated subcutaneous fat on cheek or chin by suctioning so if someone who has lots of fat on face, they can expect v-line through this procedure.

1.     seems like having big face eventhough the face bone is small
2.     The fat on face is not removed even after losing weight
3.     Have more fat on face than body
4.     Have extra skin or sagged skin after two jaw or facial contouring surgery
5.     Have sagged skin because of losing skin elasticity.

For face liposuction, you don’t have to be scared or worried about scar because it is using smaller and thinner cannula than usual liposuction. It is progressed with local anesthesia not general anesthesia, and the stitches might be removed after 7 days or might not be needed to remove even. It is more simple surgery than facial contouring surgery because you can go back to daily activities right after the surgery and bruise or swelling will be gone within 1 to 2 weeks after.

However, there should be an accurate diagnosis from doctor about their face because everyone has different shape of face bone, rate of fat and muscle. Also it is important to check if the doctor has lots of experience and career with liposuction because it has to be suctioned according to the ratio of fat on face.

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